Someone who gave a damn (mourningglory) wrote in turbano,
Someone who gave a damn

Hi Hi!

by following the rules
[1] I'm uber cool, christina backs me
[2]I just joined today..but i added it to my friends list when christina told me about it
[3] I'm myself :) last i checked
[4] Name: Cassie
Age: 19
Bands/artists: Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Matchbox 20, Dashboard Confessionals, MxPx, Saves the Day, Simple Plan, Nirvana, poison, our lady peace.
actors/actress:: Angelina Jolie, Orlando Bloom, Meg Ryan, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Alan Rickman, Bruce Willis, Seth Green, John Malkovich
Intrests: Movies (all kinds), Music (all kinds), rping, dancing, singing, acting, reading, eating, sleeping, playing all different sports.
anyting else?: I'm a sophomore at Penn State University and use live journal as a reason to procrastinate. Now thanks to this community I have another reason to do so! Thank you!!!!


[6]posted once :)
[7] Stamp me please?
[8] ^see above ^
[9] *falls asleep in the computer chair*
[10] I dont like fire to much, so heats not my favorite thing :)

lol hope this was okay christina. It was fun :)
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