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Turban Outfitters

Turban Outfitters
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Welcome to Turban Outfitters!

[What we're about] Familiar with those 'elite' communities where you post the most flattering pictures of yourself that you can find and people tell you whether you're hot enough to get in or not? Then you get those idiots commenting who just leave rude remarks simply because they think they are the hottest shit to ever slide down the side of their mom's toilet bowl.. and you later find pictures of them lingering in the dark depths of their pointless livejournals - ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT THEY ARE UGLIER THAN THEY SAID YOU WERE?! Well! How about an even better community that judges on what really counts? Here at Turban Outfitters, you can see if your personality has what it takes to match up to some of your fellow LJ users.

Before joining, please READ THE RULES! It's obvious when someone doesn't because they don't know what the fuck they're doing. So please, do us all a favor and don't be stupid. Just do it [Nike].

01] Make sure you think you're cool before you come in and join. Come on, have some damn confidence! Confidence makes for coolness!
02] Make sure that you post RIGHT AFTER you join! Come on, at least a few hours after, alright? Anyone who doesn't follow this rule will be permanently banned from the community.
03] Be yourself when you post. Please. Do you want this experience to be based on someone entirely different from yourself? Just relax.
04] On your first post, make sure to include your name, age, a picture of yourself [for style purposes only oh .. and NO PERVERTED PICTURES PLEASE! If you post a naughty picture LJ will be contacted and they'll deal with you from there. You've been warned!], favorite bands/artists, interests, hobbies, and anything else about yourself that you think might get you into the community. [Do not delete your posts after you have been either accepted or rejected.. it just looks bad]
05] Please put all GIANT pictures behind an lj-cut. Thank you :)
06] Do not post more than once for your first time!
07] No other posting in the community is allowed unless you are already an OFFICIAL MEMBER of the community [ie.. you have received the stamp of approval]!
08] No voting on other people unless you are an OFFICIAL MEMBER of the community.
09] Please wait patiently while in the voting and being accepted/rejected process. There are only two moderators for the community and things can get a little crazy at times. If it's been a few days and you still haven't received a stamp, please contact either of the moderators through email or AIM.
10] Can't stand the heat? Then get the fuck out of the community :D! Blah.. guys - don't take this crap so seriously. If you're accepted, awesome for you! You get the privelage of meeting other great people like yourself. If you don't get accepted, move on.

Well, that's it for the rules. If you're still wondering whether or not you should try out, just do it. You have nothing to lose. We accept all types of people! The more diverse, the better! Good luck!

[Community creators/moderators] Christina the_captina and Alexis prettyshit

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