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first post? how more elite can i get!

name: rachael
age: 19
-the place i use to upload suff itsnt working, will have a foto when i hunt down new place-
fav actors/actress': marylin monroe, angelina jolie, johnny depp, orlando bloom, jack black, drew barrymore, milla jovovich, john malkovich,
favorite bands/artists: queen adreena, jack off jill, nirvana, my ruin, rasputina, bikini kill, tenacious d, deftones, radiohead etc.
interests: pirating, sleeping, listening to music, complaining about my broken face, being ANGST, lobsters, biting, dying hair,
extra: i like red mountian dew. long walks in the rain and star gazing. falling asleep while watching conan o brien or family guy and also i like elite things. which would make me MORE then perfect for this place.

the end.
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